Wednesday, August 5, 2009

September 26th: Collage with Wan Marsh

Materials List

1. You may use anything that you would like for your background. I prefer primed ¼” boards but you can use canvas pads in whatever size you wish. You can also use canvas boards or pre-stretched canvases. Just be sure the surfaces you bring have been primed with gesso by you, or you have bought it already prepared.

2. Matte Gel medium or Mod Podge. Can be purchased from art supply store. I will have this to share if you can not find it.

3. Acrylic paint in the following colors: white, black, blue, red, yellow, raw umber, and any other colors you care to use. I use Golden Artist colors. I will have some to share.

4. A few small to large brushes. You will need one at least
1” to 2” wide. Cheap chip brushes work great. (craft store)

5. Scissors for cutting paper.


Paper in different colors and patterns,
Xerox copies of people, places, and anything you love!
I will also have images to share!

Optional - pastels, crayons, fabric, ribbon, fiber, lace, old books/magazines to tear, gift wrap, variety of papers. In other words anything that speaks to you!

Wan Marsh 704 525 2899

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