Thursday, January 28, 2010

Supply List for Frankie Bush's Watercolor Classes

Artist Quality Watercolor Paints
Assorted Brushes-suggested sizes #6, #8, #10, #14 round, 1" flat
Paper-140lb. Arches, cold press, loose sheets recommended for this class
2 Water Containers
Paper Towels
Masking Fluid
Scrubber/Lifter- Loew-Cornell at Hobby Lobby in tye-dye department (also at Michael's)
Drawing Pencils (hard)
Kneaded Eraser
My Pallette:
Legend: O-opaque, T-transparent, S-staining, C-cool or W-warm
Naples (O), Aureolin (T), New Gamboge (T,S), Quinacridone Gold (T,S), Yellow Ochre (O), Most yellows are warm.
Alizarin Crimson (T,C), Permanent Rose (T,C), Windsor Red (O,W), Indian Red (O,C), Scarlet Lake (T,W,S)
*Verditer Blue (O), Cobalt (S), French Ultramarine (T,S), Indigo (O,S) Most blues are cool.
Permanent Sap (T,S,C), **Undersea Green (T,C), Beautiful greens can be made from blues and yellows
Cadmium Orange (O,S,W) or mix your red and yellow
*Mineral Violet (T), and Windsor Violet (T,S)
*Brown Madder (O), Raw Sienna (T), Burnt Umber (T), Sepia (O) Browns are neutral, neither warm or cool.
*Holbein only. **Daniel Smith only.
I order from Cheap Joe's at You can call 1-800-227-2788. The shipping is less than the gas money. At 14/15 tube of paint is cheaper in the long run than a 5ml tube.
Loew-Cornell ULTRA ROUNDS are a good price and quality for synthetic brushes. Cheap Joe's stock # are: #14-LC7020, $9.99; #10-LC7020-10, $7.99; #8-LC7020-8, $6.99; #6-LC7020-6, $5.69; 1" FLAT-LC7400-1, $10.59

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anna Coe Watercolor...Supply List

PAINT...Windsor Newton (artsist grade)
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Cadimun Yellow Pale
Cadimun Orange
Winsor Green (blue shade)

Davinci Brand Paints
Yellow Ochre
Ultramarine Blue

Robert Simmons #8 and #14 round
Robert Simmons Flatwash 1'
any other brushes that you have

White plastic plates or watercolor palette with deep closed wells

300 lb Fabriano watercolor paper COLD PRESS

MISCELLANEOUS...paper towels, #2 pencils, scissors, water containers, pen and paper for taking notes

Call Anna Coe at 395-2585 if you have any questions